Light crochet blanket for children under one year. All you need is a little yarn!

In March, I knitted a light crochet blanket for a child. The product is very cute, but there is one small detail — the edges of the blanket turned black. And this is the color of the yarn. And I knitted a children's blanket to order. I really liked the way the blanket turned out. And now I want to tell you about other interesting models for children's blankets. I offer you interesting models of interesting models that are crocheted with the help of the "winter" crochet pattern. Winter pattern "the" It is more difficult to knit a winter pattern using a twisted thread. But you can try to create a new winter sweater. According to this pattern, you can tie a children's blanket with a hook. Snow-white crochet sweater with bright colors I've never seen it anything. Knitting it was a pleasure, but there was one small detail — the edge of the blanket was completely black. It's appearance is the main focus of the model. In a year's time, the model will become popular all over the world. 1 of 2from an Asian magazineThere are different models that use a twisted yarn, in which the edge of the product is completely different. The product looks original. from a Japanese magazineAnother snow-white sweater was knitted in this model. It was very cool.from Japanese magazine Crochet winter sweater with snow-white insertsIn this model, you can link a plain product or add a snow-white pattern insert. The main pattern "column" is used in the product. The product looks original.from an Asian magazine There are more models of winter accessories on the market. There are snow-white knitted swimsuits, blanket for newborns, and even clothing for the elderly. There are also models for the neck and shoulder area.Yandex Images There is also a winter model for men, which can be worn with a dress or a tunic.from an Asian magazine Snow-white crocheted jacket for newbornsA cool model for fans of bright colors.1 of 3from an Asian magazineBright snow-white knitted blanket is cool!1 of 3from an Asian magazineClassic winter crochet sweater with white insertsWhite cardigan with a complex pattern "crocodile" will look great in a photo.from an Asian magazine Classic winter crochet sweater with red colorAn interesting option for spring.1 of 2from an Asian magazineSnow-white crochet sweater with turquoise colorA chic model for a young fashionista.from an Asian magazine I want to tie this winter model.1 of 2from an Asian magazineSummer crochet sweater with bright stripesAn interesting model for fans of yellow.1 of 2from an Asian magazineSummer crochet sweater with openwork design "crocodile"1 of 3A cool model for fans of