Knitted clothes for mother and daughter: the same things in the wardrobe with your own hands

Family style is a popular trend among many clothing manufacturers. My daughter and I often knit things ourselves. It was for this reason that the model "Male in a suit" was born. There will soon be articles about how to create a fashionable jacket in a hurry, how to tie it to a newborn baby, why you need to save money and where to buy the most is the most popular product in children's wardrobe. I suggest that interested parties study the following interesting models:1 of 2A model in the style "Fashionable Nightmares". The star of the night was the model in the same color, whose description I found on the Internet.1 of 3From the "Fashionable" pattern starts here.1 of 3Stylish models with diagrams and diagrams.1 of 3Do you like things decorated jackets? Then these options are appropriate.1 of 3Simple model with diagrams. Even the lining is knitted. I liked the model "wave" with the help of amigurumi tape. And these are my favorite models.1 of 3Stylish pullovers for mother and daughter with diagrams and examplesKnitted pullover with knitting needles for a young fashionistaI really liked this model.1 of 3images from the InternetEmbroidery of the model in the band. The band is bright and textured, look bright and attractive.