Christmas deer made of yarn

Decorative elements for the interior of your home or you can decorate it with such a festive gift. I specially chose the deer that had just turned 3 years old. He looked at the deer with great joy and delight for the whole of time. It was a pity to throw it away, because the body was too heavy, but this is already the technique of the craftsmen that use it. I found a needle and used a tangle, which was soaked with thread. The body was made of solid color yarn. I attached it to the head and decorated the ears with a thread. The body also took the form of a small white piece of yarn. Having found the desired color, I decorated the legs with a thread. The horns took shape of wire, which I wrapped around the base of the deer's head. Here is such a deer turned out. You can decorate the body with a bow, but I don't have a picture yet. In the photo you can see what I do. I thought it would be better to make a bow with a small arch, but no, the muzzle was too big. It turned out something like this. You can also put it on the door. It turned out very nice. It remains to wait for the winter, when the house is more warm, and you can give them away. Here is such a deer turned out. It is not difficult to knit, but it is nice to receive such a product. I will definitely do some things differently! Also read how to make a deer out of plush yarns.